Which WSMP project would you choose?

The Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood District Association has selected three project areas that could be improved for the first round of the Walk Safely Milwaukie Program (WSMP).  The three areas of interest are:

1. Placement of signs and mailboxes off of sidewalks in areas around the neighborhood. This could also apply to similar problem in other neighborhoods within Milwaukie.

2. Improve the Springwater Corridor Trailhead at S.E. 28th Ave. and S.E. Sherret St. by paving the access path.  This trailhead is also part of the Milwaukie bike boulevard system.

3. Improve walking access along S.E. Harvey St. between S.E. 32nd and S.E. 40th avenues. The existing condition has sidewalks in segments on either side of the street, but the sidewalks are not continuous.  Some segments the sidewalks are three feet wide with utility poles in the middle.

The Neighborhood Association must select one project for the proposal deadline on April 15, 2011. You can help decided which WSMP project should be selected by taking the survey.