Public hearing remains open for City’s proposed sign code changes

The City of Milwaukie is planning on updating its sign code to regulate electronic (light emitting diode or LED) signs and billboards. The proposed code changes will determine the signage surface size limit and rate of change in the message, and allowing placement of such signs in the downtown area along McLoghlin Blvd.

One 600-square foot electronic billboard is already operating along McLoughlin Blvd. at S.E. Mailwell. The new code would limit electronic signs and billboard at 50% of the conventional sign area, but not to exceed 50 square feet. Electronic signs and billboards must be static, and cannot have flashing or scrolling text, and video cannot be displayed.

The sign code changes will affect some existing and new signs in commercial areas, including businesses along S.E. 32nd Ave. and S.E. 42nd Ave. in the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighborhood within the Milwaukie city limits.

At the October 18th council meeting, Milwaukie City Council postponed the code amendment vote to the November 1st council meeting. As a result of the extension, the public hearing portion of this item remains open.

More details and documents are available at the City of Milwaukie’s website.