Ardenwald to donate funds for Milwaukie Police Officers’ Dinner

Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association members approve donating funds for the upcoming Milwaukie Police Officer’s Dinner.

Ardenwald’s Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) representative Macy Bishop announced the officers’ recognition dinner during the regular neighborhood meeting committee reports on January 10, 2012.

Bishop said three other Milwaukie neighborhood associations already agreed donating money for funding the dinner. The donation helps pay for the officers’ and their guest’s dinner that will be held at the American Legions Post 180 on March 7, 2012.

After a brief discussion, Bishop moves to make a motion to donate $150 to the Milwaukie Police Officer’s Dinner. Ardenwald’s Southeast Uplift representative Marianne Colgrove seconds the motion.

Neighborhood members in attendance vote unanimously to donate $150 to the dinner.

The Milwaukie Police Officers’ Dinner is an annual award dinner to honor Milwaukie police officers, reserve officers, and cadets. The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation and the Milwaukie Public Safety Advisory Committee host the dinner.