‘Pilot’ goes online only, ‘Co-Pilot’ included with utility bill

City of Milwaukie water customers may have received an interesting insert with their water bill in June: The Milwaukie Co-Pilot.

The Milwaukie Co-Pilot is a condensed preview version of the monthly newsletter, The Milwaukie Pilot, which was mailed to Milwaukie residents each month before being relegated to an online-publication only after budget cuts.

The Milwaukie City Council recently passed a budget for the next biennium that included cuts to The Milwaukie Pilot newsletter program, saving the city about $46,000 per year on printing and mailing costs.

The City says limited print editions of The Milwaukie Pilot will be available at City Hall and Ledding Library.

Readers can subscribe to receive The Milwaukie Pilot via email or download a copy online at www.CityOfMilwaikie.org.