Plant sale fundraiser raises funds for future park master plan

Balfour Park Plant Sale Fundraiser

By Lisa Gunion-Rinker

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the plant sale fundraiser for our Balfour Park master plan!! We raised $1,516,10, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We plan to do it again next spring, so everyone who will be dividing plants now or in the fall, please think about donating them to the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood spring plant sale. Also, the Ardenwald-JC Neighborhood delivered 2 and ½ truckloads of plants to the Ledding Library plant sale, and at least two Ardenwald neighbors were there at the sale helping out! Way to get involved!! Next up will be the Sustainability Tour the weekend of Sept. 7th & 8th, Not sure which day yet, but we will have a meeting soon to get that ironed out! Contact Lisa at 503-754-1655 to get involved, a subcommittee is forming now and it will be a blast!