Light Rail Noise Concerns?

The TriMet Portland-Milwaukie MAX Orange Line opens for service in less than two weeks, but the light rail trains have been running a simulated service since Aug. 30.

While TriMet runs a simulated service to iron out any wrinkles, residents in Ardenwald might find new issues, such as noise from the elevated Tillamook Crossing along the western Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood boundary.

TriMet Community Affairs Manager, Jennifer Koozer, says the noise should reduce over a few months after the rails “break in.” The current state of the rails is rough, but will smooth out after a few months of service and should reduce the noise.

If you have comments or concerns about the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Orange Line, contact TriMet Customer Service at 503-238-RIDE(7433) or