Ardenwald’s First Adopt-A-Stop Helps Keep Bus Stop Cleaner

One bus stop in Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood will be much cleaner now.

TriMet installed a small trash can a few days ago on the bus stop sign post for a westbound stop on SE Johnson Creek Blvd. at SE 42nd Ave. (Stop No. 3076). The trash can is part of TriMet’s Adopt-A-Stop program.

TriMet provides the trash can and a business or organization helps maintain the stop and remove the trash. The program does not cost anything to the volunteers.

Ardenwald Resident Renee Moog presented the idea at the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association board on January 23, 2017. Moog suggested the idea when finding out that bus riders waiting for a bus were dropping litter into her yard.

The Neighborhood Association made motion to support the program. The motion passed unanimously.

Photo: Renee Moog.