Watershed-wide event set for Saturday, March 5th


The Johnson Creek Watershed Council is holding a watershed-wide event on Saturday, March 5, 2016. The event is held for volunteers to help remove invasive plants and plant native plants and trees to help improve the watershed. Sites include east Portland, Gresham, and Boring.

The event is family friendly. Gloves and equipment will be provided. There is a complimentary pizza lunch afterwards for volunteers.

Register at JCWC.org.

More information is available in the flyer (PDF).

Tideman Johnson this Saturday!

Johnson Creek

It’s February! How did that happen?!

That means it’s time to go have fun in Tideman Johnson. We’ll start off 2016 with a little planting near the loop trail. If we have time, we might also pick up some of the debris that washed up during some of those heavy fall rains. Sounds like fun, eh?

Saturday February 6, 9:00 a.m. – noon.
Meet up at the boardwalk.
Tools and refreshments provided.

See you out there!

Friends of Tideman Johnson

Friends of Tideman Work Party Dec. 5

Johnson Creek

OMG! Can you believe it’s December already?

This Saturday will be our last Tideman Johnson work party of 2015. We’re going to tackle the mulch pile under the west-end bridge so all our little plants get nice and tucked in for the winter. For those who prefer removing invasive, we’ll also be doing a search and destroy operation along the lower path (near the 37th entrance).

Saturday December 5th, 9am to noon
Meet up under the bridge, west of the 37th entrance
Tools and refreshments provided

There’s no event in January, so our first work party in 2016 will be Saturday, February 6th.

We hope to see you out there!

Friends of Tideman Johnson

Friends of Tideman Johnson this Saturday, Oct. 3


From Marianne Colgrove, Friends of Tideman Johnson Park

Hey all Friends of Tideman Johnson,

Happy Fall (can you believe its fall?)! That means it’s time for Friends of Tideman Johnson to startup again. Woo hoo!

This has been a pretty rough summer for plants, so we’re going to continue our mollycoddling initiative for all the cute little plants we put in last spring. Activities include finishing off that split-rail fence, mulching, and weeding.

If the weeds in my yard are any indication, we’ll have lots of new alien invaders to go after. I’ve attached a pic of a spectacular poke weed specimen (above), found not far down the Springwater Trail.

Saturday October 3, 9am – noon
Tools, refreshments, mulch galore – all provided
meet up at the boardwalk

We hope to see you out there!

Friends of Tideman Johnson

Last Tideman Johnson work party for season

Johnson Creek

From Marianne Colgrove

Hi all Friends of Tideman Johnson,

This coming Saturday is the last work party of the season in Tideman Johnson! The good news is….
It has rained plenty, making the weed-pullin’ easy
It’s not supposed to rain on Saturday
It’s not going to be 90 degrees either
We’re going to keep working on the fence, and I know some of you love fence-buildin’
We’re having a celebratory BBQ afterwards
It’s going to be great!

Saturday June 6th, 9am – noon
Meet up at the Boardwalk
Annual BBQ starts around noon

Please RSVP to mcolgrove@gmail.com so we get the right amount of Ottos sausages, and please do let me know if you have any dietary concerns.

We hope to see you out there!

Friends of Tideman Johnson

The Tideman Johnson work party will start up again Saturday, October 3, 2015. A watershed-wide event clean-up event may also be scheduled for late August.