Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail

Upcoming Meeting

  • Upcoming meetings are listed on the calendar.

Weekly Project Updates

Proposed Bus Route Changes for Line 28

  • TriMet is proposing Line 28 service changes for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail opening. The Line 28 bus would be rerouted to transfer to the MAX Orange Line at Tacoma St./Johnson Creek Station. Lines 28 and 75 serve the Ardenwald neighborhood.


Overnight Work

Some overnight construction work will need to be done and may affect nearby residents. Overnight work are granted a noise variance permit by the City.

  • None scheduled at this time.

Reporting Construction Noise Complaints

An independent contractor is monitoring the construction work noise decibels within the Milwaukie city limits. Some construction work may have noise variance permits to allow noise exceeding the allowable decibel level at certain times.

  • Milwaukie Police Non-Emergency: 503-786-7400 (business hours), or 503-786-7500 (non-business hours)
  • TriMet Community Affairs Manager, Claudia Steinberg: 503-962-2154 or email steinbec@trimet.org.



(Note: Documents are for light rail projects directly involving Ardenwald-Johnson Creek NDA.  For other segments of the Milwaukie-Portland Light Rail projects, please visit www.trimet.org/pm.)

Creek Committee (formerly Tacoma Street Station Charette)

Documents related to Tacoma Street Station charettes, which is a separate committee that meets to discuss the environmental and natural integration with the station and Park & Ride, can be found at Creek Committee (Tacoma Street Station Charette). (This committee has been discontinued.)