Light Rail CAC meeting report from October 15, 2009

Report from Transportation chair, Michole Jensen:

Greetings All,

The CAC meeting last Thursday, October 15, 2009, covered several topics of importance for AJC neighborhood:

The Tacoma Station design; the traffic issues, and Park Avenue station. The meeting lasted 90 minutes.

The Tacoma Station discussion was broken into two parts – one design, and one traffic. The presentation reviewed size, traffic study (short version), meetings about how the station design was developed and access to the station. Questions focused on traffic, size of station, access and platform location. Overall discussions were cut off before the all the questions were answered. There was no discussion about revisiting the station issues in the future (see also roundtable items below).

The Park station was also discussed with a presentation on further developments including environmental options that would help the station blend in with the environment. Tri-Met was asked to submit a grant proposal for Nature In Neighborhoods ( see this link –

The CAC said the neighborhood had initiated the request to see about such a grant. Discussion was limited on this station as well and time ended before all questions were answered.

At the end of the meeting, the CAC members participated in a round table. The main topics of discussion were the size of the Tacoma Station, traffic issues around the station and access. I presented the letter from AJC neighborhood and expressed our concerns. I also asked for height of the top of the station, the height of the Tacoma Overpass and the height of the elevated line.

Everyone was urged to attend the Tacoma Station meeting on Monday, October 26 at Ardenwald Elementary School. The meeting will continue discussion on station design and traffic and I believe part of the meeting will have those in attendance break into groups and discuss the various intersections and traffic mitigation at the intersection.


I was asked about bike parking/storage at the Tacoma station and have requested more information from Tri-Met.

I was also asked about the type of signals that were to be installed. One major concern was turning. With the stop signs, traffic has a chance to turn left (when going west) at the 42nd 36th and 32nd Avenue intersections. With the signals, such turns may be dangerous and even more of a bottleneck (I was told that was one of the major reasons for the stop signs in the first place), because traffic will have more difficulty making those turns due to expected volume and speed. I will try to find out more before the meeting.

I have also included several documents related to various meetings on the Tacoma Station. I urge you to review and possibly print the documents before the meeting on Monday, Oct. 26.

Michole Jensen
AJC Traffic and CAC representative


October 13, 2009

To: Milwaukie-Portland Light Rail Citizens Advisory Committee

CAC members,

The Ardenwald/Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association (AJC) is greatly concerned about the safety and livability issues surrounding Southeast Johnson Creek Boulevard (JCB) and impact to JCB by the proposed Tacoma Street Park and Ride.

We appreciate all the work being put forth by Portland, Milwaukie, Tri-Met, Metro, ODOT, Clackamas County and Multnomah County and other agencies and groups. Traffic issues on JCB and the impact on the residents and AJC neighborhood has a long and complex history. The current studies and meetings regarding these issues are a testament to the importance and volatility of these issues.

By unanimous vote at our Tuesday, October 13, 2009 meeting the AJC neighborhood wanted to express our concerns but agreed to wait for the outcome from the Oct. 26th Tacoma Street Park and Ride before we present an opinion regarding any proposed traffic mitigation as it relates to JCB and all the intersections along the boulevard between SE 17th Avenue and 45th place. The AJC’s primary goals are to protect the safety of the local residents and the livability of our neighborhood. We hope you share in our goals.


The Ardenwald/Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association