Know the Milwaukie snowplow routes and keep sidewalks clear

If the snow dumps this winter, the City of Milwaukie crews will be out snowplowing certain streets, keeping them safe and passable.

Crews will remove snow only from primary arterials and collector streets (see map of designated snowplow routes (PDF, 496 kb), and sanding routes because of limited resources and staffing levels.

In Ardenwald-Johnson Creek, streets on snowplow routes are:

  • S.E. 32nd Avenue
  • S.E. Johnson Creek Boulevard
  • S.E. 42nd Avenue (between S.E. JCB and S.E. Howe Street only)
  • S.E. Tacoma Street (maintained by City of Portland).

Residents parking on the street along the designated snowplow routes are asked to park their vehicles off the street to avoid damages from the plowing.

Property owners in both Portland and Milwaukie are responsible for removing the snow piling up at driveway entrances and on sidewalks from the plowing.

Crews will also apply sand to streets or intersections located on hills, including selected smaller residential streets within the neighborhood.

Milwaukie residents with questions can contact the Milwaukie Public Works Department at (503) 786-7600.

Portland residents, contact the Portland Office of Transportation at (503) 823-5185.