Mayor Ferguson responds to JCB traffic issues

Milwaukie mayor, Jeremy Ferguson, responded to Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Associations letter composed on January 7, 2010, regarding the concerns about Johnson Creek Boulevard traffic issue (Download Mayor’s Response Letter (PDF, 25 kb)):

February 10, 2010

Dear Members of the Ardenwald NDA,

Thank you very much for your January 7 letter regarding the future of Johnson Creek Boulevard. The Milwaukie City Council has been following the various discussions that are underway about possible changes to the street due to the Portland-to-Milwaukie light rail project. Johnson Creek Boulevard is an important route, as it serves at least three Milwaukie neighborhoods and neighboring jurisdictions and businesses.

The City of Milwaukie is carefully weighing the trade-offs that are necessitated by this difficult situation. We have clearly heard from your NDA that traffic signals, speeding, blocked driveways and increased traffic volumes are unacceptable and incompatible with neighborhood livability.

From those working on the light rail project, we understand that Johnson Creek Boulevard’s future will resemble a parking lot along part of its length during certain hours, and that if nothing is done to ameliorate this condition, cut-through traffic on 32nd , Roswell, Filbert, Olsen and Logus will worsen. We also understand that the light rail project will be required to install a traffic light at 32nd to ensure that cars do not back up on to 99E during the late afternoon.

The City is engaged with the other governments that have jurisdiction over the street. As we participate in these discussions, we will keep your recommendations close at hand. Although trade-offs are inevitable and all the Ardenwald recommendations may not be workable, we will make every effort to balance the competing demands that continue to characterize Johnson Creek Boulevard.

Perhaps most importantly, we agree with you that the City should not allow increased traffic volumes or speeding at the expense of neighborhood livability and safety. The City has its highest degree of control at the intersection of 42nd and JCB. The best solution for this intersection will be informed by the choices that are being made by the other jurisdictions on the corridor, as well as the input of neighborhoods like Ardenwald.

Thank you again for your letter and for sharing your ideas on possible improvements to Johnson Creek Boulevard.


Jeremy Ferguson