NDA approves proceeding with JCB tolling project exploration

The Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association on Tuesday night voted 14-1 to proceed with exploration of the Johnson Creek Blvd. toll gantry pilot program that tolls traffic congestion.

Metro Councilor and Ardenwald resident Carlotta Collette proposed the idea in January, which was published on Ardenwald.org (read proposal here).

Collette discussed more on the topic at Tuesday’s Neighborhood Association meeting with discussions and feedback from NDA board members and residents.

The tolls are collected through a transponder device.  Cars without transponders would have license plates photographed and a bill sent monthly for the toll.

Tolls would be applicable during traffic peak hours during the day.

The costs for the equipment, installation and operations is unknown.

The gantry would be set up in Ardenwald neighborhood on the S.E. 32nd Ave. bridge just north of Johnson Creek Blvd. before turning into Tacoma Street.

Tolling would be used to reduce traffic congestion on a residential street. Johnson Creek Blvd. connects I-205 with 99E and the Sellwood Bridge.

Johnson Creek Blvd. was one of the five locations in the region selected as an option for the tolling project, but approval has not been finalized.