Charrette focuses station’s integration with natural environment

Part of the Tacoma Street Station and Park & Ride for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail design process also include how the station integrates with the nearby environment.

On June 3, approximately 50 residents, neighborhood leaders, members from the Johnson Creek Watershed Council and TriMet representatives met to discuss how to make the future station benefit the nearby Johnson Creek, a tributary that is also home to aquatic life.

Board Member Russ Stoll, who attended the charette, suggested to seek riparian and conservation easements along Johnson Creek. He also recommended better bicycle accommodations at the station.

The second design charette scheduled for Wed., June 23, 7p.m.–9p.m., at the Watershed Council offices, 1900 SE Milport Road, Milwaukie. Please RSVP to Matt Clark – or 503-652-7477 if you would like to attend. The process is still at the beginning stage.

The Neighborhood Association has added  a dedicated Web page containing information and documents regarding the Tacoma Street Station charette.