Tideman Johnson This Saturday!

Boo! You know what’s really scary? Invasive Weeds! Creepy, crawly, spready, sprawly, pokey, sneaky weeds. And we’re going to get em.

This Saturday we’ll be working to remove invasive creeps like ivy, Himalayan blackberry, clematis and teasel from along Johnson Creek. This work will help prepare the area for planting in the spring. Our ultimate goal is to establish more native plants along the creekside so the creek stays cool and hospitable for native fish.

Saturday November 1st, 9am-noon
Meet up near the overlook at the east end of the loop trail
Tools and refreshments provided
Volunteers of all ages are welcome,

We hope to see you out there!

Friends of Tideman Johnson

Island sign mowed over… Again

A traffic cone sits in the island on SE 32nd Ave. near SE Meek St. next to Providence Milwaukie Hospital. Sometime over the weekend a passing vehicle struck both the crosswalk island and a metal “keep right” traffic sign.

The signs and islands have been hit many times before. Last year, a vehicle destroyed the wooden Ardenwald sign. The Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association then decided not to replace the wooden ornamental sign.

Regular Meeting Agenda for Mon., Oct. 27, 2014

Here is Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association’s regular meeting agenda for Monday, October, 27, 2014. The meeting is at Liz’s Creative Cafe, 9401 SE 32nd Ave., Milwaukie, Oregon.

  1. Introductions – 6:30
  2. Police Report – 6:35
  3. City Liaison Report – 6:45
  4. American Legion 50th Vietnam Moving Wall (Jerry Craig) – 7:00
  5. Additional Items & Public Comments – 7:15
  6. Committee Reports – 7:25
    1. Chair
    2. Vice-chair
    3. Secretary
    4. Webmaster
    5. Treasurer
    6. Land Use
    7. Southeast Uplift
    8. Transportation
    9. Public Safety Advisory Committee
    10. Membership
    11. Art
    12. Balfour Street Park
    13. Creek Committee
    14. Move Forward Milwaukie
  7. Approve       September 22, 2014 Regular NDA Meeting Minutes –7:55
  8. Adjournment – 8:00

Download Meeting Agenda (PDF)