Milwaukie Police Warn Citizens of Recent Phone Scam

Milwaukie Police are warning citizens of a recent phone scam.

Milwaukie Police say on September 18, 2014, the dispatch center that answers Milwaukie area requests for police assistance was “inundated with calls from citizens regarding the latest telephone scam.”

LOCOM received 40 calls from citizens complaining about “aggressive and threatening” calls from the suspected caller claiming to work as an Internal Revenue Service auditor or a detective from the sex crimes unit. Police also reported the caller demanded that if money was not sent immediately, someone would arrive and arrest the recipient of the phone call.

Police remind the public that such calls are made by criminals scamming for money from unsuspecting or naive citizens.  Police also suggest if a citizen receives such call, hang up immediately. Do not send money-grams.

Police also remind citizens that government agencies, including law enforcement, never ask for fines or bills to be paid via money-gram, nor would they make such request by telephone.