MAX Begins Simulated Service Sunday, Upcoming Bus Changes

Starting Sunday, August 30, TriMet will be running simulated service on the new Portland-Milwaukie light rail Orange Line. The light rail trains will be running to test regular passenger service before beginning passenger service on Saturday, September 12. Passengers will not be allowed on the trains before September 12.

Bus service will be changing beginning September 13. The most significant change for Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood is the elimination of the Line 28 – Linnwood line. Line 28 will become Line 34 – Linnwood/River Rd, which will travel on SE Johnson Creek Blvd. and SE Tacoma St. to Tacoma St./Johnson Creek MAX station.

More information on TriMet bus and light rail service and schedule is at For the light rail grand opening events, visit

(Photo: Bryan Dorr)