‘Graveyard’ events will close S.E. 43rd Ave.

A one-block section of S.E. 43rd Ave. in Milwaukie will be closed this Sunday to through traffic for a community event.

S.E. 43rd Ave. will be closed between S.E. Johnson Creek Blvd. and S.E. Roswell St. for the Davis Graveyard open house event on Sun., Oct. 17. The same section of S.E. 43rd Ave. will be closed again on Halloween night (Sun., Oct. 31).

Motorists are advised to use S.E. 42nd Ave. as a detour.

Motor vehicle access is restricted on S.E. 43rd Ave. for residents residing on the closed section of S.E. 43rd Ave. and for emergency vehicles.

More information on Davis Graveyard events is available at www.DavisGraveyard.com.

(Photo: Milwaukie High School Dance Team performs Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the Davis Graveyard open house event in 2009. Photo by Bryan Dorr.)

Volunteer help wanted for ‘Graveyard’ traffic control

img_davis_gy_skullFrom Arts Committee member Jeff Davis:

The Davis Graveyard Halloween Event on Saturday October 31st will be from 5:00 p.m.  to 11 p.m.   The Milwaukie High School Pony Prancers (“Graveyard Dancers”)  will be dancing to “Thriller” in the driveway throughout the evening.  They will be selling hot beverages and collecting donations across the street.

The street will be closed from SE 43rd Ave. and SE Johnson Creek Blvd. (JCB) to SE 43rd Ave. and SE Roswell St. during the event for the safety of the children that will be trick-or-treating and the adults.

For the past several years Milwaukie Police has allowed their cadets and reserves to volunteer for this event to monitor the roadblocks at both ends of the street.  This year there are fewer experienced cadets and less reserve officers that are available so they will not be able to monitor the road blocks.  It has been suggested that we find local neighbors to monitor the road blocks instead.   It has also been suggested that we ask if Portland Police or Clackamas County Sheriffs have anyone they could spare that night.  It is nice having some sort of police presence to keep any would be mischief from happening.

It looks like rain is forecast for Saturday so we can provide umbrellas and hot beverages.  Chris and I will be busy at the gates handing out candy to the hordes of children and managing the dancers so it would be nice to have some people dealing with the traffic at the road blocks.  Mainly just making sure people don’t try to turn into the street and letting people know to park around the corner on JCB in the business parking lots and walk back.


Davis Graveyard returns to haunt the neighborhood

dglogoThe nationally recognized, highly detailed and spectacular Davis Graveyard Halloween display will be officially up on Monday, October 5th.

The lights for the display come on every Monday through Thursday from Dusk till 10pm.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday the effects (fog, sound, video, and animations) come on from dusk to 11pm (10pm on Sunday) pending weather.

On Sunday October 11th from Noon to 5pm, creators and resident Jeff and Chris Davis will open the gates for the annual community open house.  The MHS Dancers will be there to perform their version of “Thriller”.   Drop by and see “behind the scenes” and meet the creators of the display.   The dance team will be selling snacks and beverages to raise money and any donations received will go to the team.

On Halloween night, Saturday October 31st from 5pm to 11pm the MHS Dancers will be back to perform “Thriller” again.

SE 43rd Ave between SE Johnson Creek and SE Roswell closed on Oct. 11th for the open house and Oct. 31.

Davis Graveyard is located at 8703 SE 43rd Ave. in Milwaukie, at the corner of SE Johnson Creek Blvd. and SE 43rd Ave. For more information, visit the official Davis Graveyard website at www.DavisGraveyard.com.

Download Davis Graveyard Flyer | Download Fundraiser Open House