SE 32nd Ave. & SE JCB traffic signal to activate Wednesday

The new traffic signal at SE 32nd Ave. and SE Johnson Creek Blvd. will be turned on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, says Jennifer Koozer, Trimet Community Affairs Manager.

The signal installation and intersection widening project began in February, 2014, as part of traffic mitigation for the new Portland-Milwaukie MAX light rail SE Tacoma St./Johnson Creek station. There has been delays in receiving vehicle detection equipment during the project.

Light Rail Noise Concerns?

The TriMet Portland-Milwaukie MAX Orange Line opens for service in less than two weeks, but the light rail trains have been running a simulated service since Aug. 30.

While TriMet runs a simulated service to iron out any wrinkles, residents in Ardenwald might find new issues, such as noise from the elevated Tillamook Crossing along the western Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood boundary.

TriMet Community Affairs Manager, Jennifer Koozer, says the noise should reduce over a few months after the rails “break in.” The current state of the rails is rough, but will smooth out after a few months of service and should reduce the noise.

If you have comments or concerns about the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Orange Line, contact TriMet Customer Service at 503-238-RIDE(7433) or

JCB Signal and Bus Service Updates

From Jennifer Koozer, TriMet Community Affairs Manager:

Hi Ardenwald-Johnson Creek friends,
I wanted to give you the latest on the 32nd & Johnson Creek Blvd intersection. We still don’t have a date for turning on the new traffic signals because we are now working through some technical issues with the pavement loops that will detect vehicles at the intersection to trigger the signals. Hoping to resolve within the next few weeks and get the signals turned on!
I also wanted to let you know that our bus operations folks are working through the details of the new bus service plan that will go into effect on September 13, including the new Line 34-Linwood/River Road route on Johnson Creek Boulevard. This route is the realigned Line 28-Linwood as proposed last summer/fall (map.) New maps and schedule details for bus and MAX will be available in late August. In the meantime, bus stop adjustments are being planned. This includes:
  • Establishing new Line 34 bus stops on Johnson Creek Blvd east of 45th Pl
  • Adding Line 34 to the existing Line 75 bus stops on Johnson Creek Blvd, but removing the pair of stops at 40th Ave, which are too closely spaced to the pair at 42nd Ave
  • Establishing a new pair of Line 34 stops on Johnson Creek Boulevard just east of 32nd Ave
Please contact my colleague, Michelle Wyffels (cc’d or at 503-962-2180) with any questions about bus stops.
Thanks again for your patience with construction, and do not hesitate with any questions.
Jennifer Koozer
TriMet Community Affairs Manager


How much longer until the JCB-32nd Ave. signal light work is done?

Since construction began on the traffic signal at SE Johnson Creek Blvd. and SE 32nd Ave. in February, 2014, much of the signal installation is ongoing to this day.

Jennifer Koozer, TriMet Community Affairs Manager, says “Our crews will finish installing the remaining signal arm after PGE moves some of their wires out of the way.”

The high-voltage wires are directly above the south signal pole arm.

The other signal lights on the north and west are nearly completed and the lights are covered with plastic wrap.

A completion date has not been set.