Springwater Trail construction extended, expected to open Aug.6

(Updated July 29, 2010) Construction on the Springwater Trail between S.E. 28th and S.E. Linwood avenues now will not be completed until Aug. 6.

The Portland Parks and Recreation say the contractors had a delay in the production of the metal bollards and should be getting it installed, along with striping over the next couple of weeks.

With the shoulder rock in place and making the trail safer for pedestrian and bicyclist, contractors will not be completely barricading the trail while waiting for the bollard installation. Contractors will close the trail and ask users to leave when the bollard installation and striping work resumes.

The project began on May 24, but has been delayed twice before because of spring’s wetter than usual weather.

More Information: http://www.portlandonline.com/parks/index.cfm?c=52437&

McLoughlin sinkhole repair causing heavy neighborhood traffic

The repair work for Wednesday’s broken water main and sinkhole on S.E. McLoughlin Blvd. (Ore. 99E) at S.E. Ochoco is causing heavy traffic backups in the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek neighborhood on S.E. 32nd Ave.

The Oregon Dept. of Transportation suggests avoiding the highway at the repair area and detour  using S.E. 17th Ave.

All three of S.E. McLoughlin’s northbound lanes are closed and two of its southbound lanes are also closed as crews work on the repairs.

TriMet buses operating on S.E. McLoughlin are also affected (TriMet Service Alerts).

ODOT says the repairs could take approximately a couple of days.

The water main broke in the morning on July 7th and created  a sinkhole.

More information: www.tripcheck.com.

Water tests may lead to discolored tap water

The City of Milwaukie will be conducting a water main test and flow assessment for the next couple of days that may lead to discolored water from taps.

On Thursday, July 8 and Friday, July 9, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., the City will be checking water pressure and volume from about a dozen fire hydrants located throughout the City.

When the hydrants are opened, sediments and small amounts of corrosive material inside the pipes are flushed out and causing discolored water to the customers in the flushing areas.

If the water from the tap is discolored, the City recommends running the cold water until the water becomes clear. Also, avoid washing clothes or running hot water until the cold water is clear.

The water is safe to drink after it becomes clear.

If there is a need to contact the City regarding this matter, please call 503-786-7600.

Ardenwald sign vandalized

Sometime between June 29 and June 30, the Ardenwald neighborhood sign at S.E. 32nd Ave. and S.E. Meek St. near Providence Milwaukie Hospital was vandalized.

The sign was broken into several pieces, but the mounting posts remained intact, indicating that the damage was not caused by a vehicle.

The sign costs about $1,100 to replace and are hand crafted.

One other sign exists high up on a terrace along S.E. Johnson Creek Blvd. near S.E. Brookside.

On New Year’s Eve, the same Ardenwald sign was destroyed after a delivery van struck the sign located in the center lane traffic island. The company reimbursed the costs for the sign replacement and mount repairs.