Public forum scheduled to discuss hazardous material incident

A public forum is being held at the end of this month to discuss the hazardous material release incident that occurred last month.

The Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood Association (BDNA) is coordinating a public forum with emergency services and public agencies to discuss the May 11 hazardous material release incident at Precision Castparts.

Residents within a one-half mile radius of the incident site, including some residents in the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association, were asked to take shelter during the incident.

BDNA Chairman Christopher Hart says the agenda will be sent out a few days before the meeting.

The public meeting is Thursday, June 30, 2011, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Southeast Uplift Conference Room, 3534 S.E. Main St., Portland.

Email with any questions about the meeting.

Brentwood-Darlington website

Turnout and sales good at park fundraiser plant sale

The Balfour Street Park Plant sale to raise funds for the new park’s master plan was a hit!

Lisa Gunion-Rinker, chair of Balfour Park Committee said at the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood meeting on Tuesday the sale was busy and there was a good turnout.

Gunion-Rinker reported Saturday’s sale brought in $1,211.90. All the proceeds from the plant sales goes towards to the cost of the park’s master plan that costs is an estimated $15,000.

There were several plants left over from the sale. Another plant sale is planned for Saturday, June 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., but the sale location has not been confirmed.

Photo: Balfour Park Plant Sale. By Bryan Dorr, June 11, 2011.

Meeting Outside

Ardenwald Neighborhood Association meeting at Ardenwald Park. Photo: Bryan Dorr

With Ardenwald Elementary School closed for furlough week, the Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association was required to relocate the meeting to another location.

Cool temperatures and clouds are satisfactory conditions to hold the meeting outside, and the perfect place is across the street at Ardenwald Park, under the gazebo.

The last time the school was not available for neighborhood meeting use was on January 11, 2011, when the North Clackamas School District cancelled all activity because of pending wintry weather.

Photo: Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Meeting on June 14, 2011 at Ardenwald Park. By Bryan Dorr.

Meeting anticipated to be held outdoors

Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association’s regular meeting for Tuesday, June 14, 2011, is anticpated to be held outdoors.

North Clackamas Schools this week is on furlough, making the Ardenwald School unavailable for community use.

The meeting will be held outdoors at either on the school’s property or across the street at Ardenwald Park. Those who are attending should bring a folding chair. There is no restroom access when the school is locked and the park does not have a restroom.